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Improving the Quality of your Wedding Photographs:

Improving the Quality of Your Wedding Photographs:

After selecting a competent Professional Wedding Photographer how can you improve the quality of your Wedding Photographs ?

One common problem that occurs frequently in Wedding Portraits is “Hot Spots” on the face on the Bride and Groom.
These are caused by the reflection of the camera flash off areas of the face that have the highest concentration of natural oils.
Sometimes they can be retouched using Photoshop or other editing programs, but it is labor intensive to do correctly.

In creating high quality Bridal portraits we recommend using a makeup artist just prior to any photo shoot.
If it is not possible to schedule a makeup artist the day of your Wedding, we recommend using the following 2 powder makeups
(there are many others that work fine also). They greatly reduce the “hot spot” reflections that will occur at the tip of the nose,
cheek bone, and forehead areas, they can be used by the Bride (and Groom) for best results.

1) L’Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Makeup,
2) L’Oreal Bare Naturale Soft Focus Mineral Finish.

This makeup can be purchased at Meijer’s for about $14 each, of course you will need to match your skin tones for each product.

If you or your fiancee’ has oily skin consider carrying a pack of Blotting Papers on your Wedding day, they soak up excess oil and help
remove shine from your face without removing your makeup.

We also recommend lip stick for the Bride, and lip balm for the Groom be applied prior to the photo session.
Dry lip areas are very difficult to retouch in Photoshop or other editing programs.

Another important thing some Brides overlook is to have both the Bride and Grooms teeth whitened prior to the Wedding,
this can make a big difference in the Photographs. The majority of Photographers would be thankful to you for not having to retouch
the teeth of the Bride and Groom for each Wedding Portrait.

We hope these tips have been useful in helping you to achieve the best quality possible in your Wedding Photographs. More to follow !

Wedding Photographer


How to select a Wedding Photographer:

The primary purpose of this Blog to help Brides and Grooms learn about important
factors that affect the quality of their Wedding Photography. We will offer several key
points when selecting a Wedding Photographer along with several helpful ideas to insure
your Wedding Photos turn out great. We understand the importance of staying within your
overall Wedding budget, but it is important to Not make your choice of Photographer based
only on the lowest price.  Wedding Photography is different than other categories of Photography,
the photos cannot be redone, it’s what we call “Mission Critical” Photography.

That is why it is important to ask the questions below:

1) Do you have Formal Photographic Training ?

2) How many years have you been a Photographer ?

3) Are you the person that would be Photographing my Wedding ? (many studios hire part time Photographers)

4) How many Photographers will be Photographing my Wedding (you need at least 2) ?

5) Do you shoot a High Resolution Pro Level Digital camera ?  (they should be using a Canon 1D mark 3, Canon 1D mark 4, 5 D Mark III, 5 D Mark II, Nikon D3, or Nikon D4 )

6) Do you setup and use Custom Studio Lighting at my Wedding ?

7) Do you use a Light meter to precisely adjust the Studio Lighting at my Wedding ?
(many part time Photographers do not even own a light meter !)

8) Will you have multiple Backup Cameras and Backup Lighting with you at my Wedding ?

9) Is there any Time Limits on my Wedding day and Evening ?

10) Do you attend and shoot pictures at my rehearsal ? Is that Included with the package?

11) Do you charge overtime ?

12) Do we have to pay for each print we select in our package?

13) Does your package price include a DVD, Proof Album, and a Formal Album ?

14) What do you charge for the Formal Album Design ?

15) Are All my Wedding images photo edited with Professional Software ? (they should be using Adobe CS-5, or Cs-6 and Lightroom 4)

16) Do you charge for Photo editing (retouching) or is it included ?
(this can take 100-200 hours of time)

17) Do you include a Engagement Photo Session ?

18) Can we see both printed albums and pictures displayed on a computer ?

19) How long after the Wedding until my Photos are online ?

20) Are you a Full Time Photographer ? (many are not).

21) Look close at the work presented, are the area’s around the eye’s dark ? (we call that “raccoon eye’s”),
can you see all the details in the wedding dress ? or is it overexposed (bright white with not much detail).
Is the main subject in the photograph in focus ? Are the faces well lit or somewhat dark ? Are there
“Catchlights” in the eyes of the main subject ?

Your Wedding is the Most Important event in your life, the photos cannot be retaken !

We sincerely hope that you will select a qualified Professional Photographer for your Wedding Photography.